Nadya Primak

Game Developer & Designer

Unity Games

Built for my Game Development Certification

Javascript Games

PhaserJS Game Engine as well as Vanilla JS


I am a perpetual learner, who is fascinated with expressing myself creatively with code. I love game development especially because it combines so many different disciplines and in my opinion, games are the most engaging and immersive thing a computer can help create.

Like many other game developers, I grew up playing a variety of different games from puzzle games like Nancy Drew and Syberia to popular RPG's like Zelda. I still remember when I got my gameboy and how excited I was. Growing up as a child of two immigrant parents who spent most of my youth getting their PhD's in Physics, I had to find a lot of ways to keep myself entertained without disturbing my parents research equipment.


I am easy to find on the internet. Feel free to reach out!

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