Nadya Primak

User Interface & Game Developer


I got paid to do this stuff.


It's so much fun I do it for free.


I am a perpetual learner, who is fascinated with the ever evolving web. As a result, my professional focus thus far has been web development, in particular developing interactive user interfaces with javascript and popular libraries such as Angular.

My other passion, which naturally overlaps with web, is game development, which I am nurturing in my free time and through a Game Design Certification through Coursera. It doesn't hurt that I used game development to teach myself much of the Javascript that I know. Most recently I have become fascinated with VR and its applications for mental health and increasing empathy in our society by putting us in someone else's shoes.


Feel free to email me about projects, freelance opportunities, provide feedback, or just say hi! I love meeting new people in the industry.

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